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Bromsgrove Day of Kindness in Bromsgrove on 18/10/12

Hello to everyone

The Bromsgrove Day of Kindness is going to be on Thursday 18th October, in Bromsgrove High Street.

There is going to be regeneration work taking place on the High Street which shouldn’t cause too much of a problem.

Please all be there this year, its the eighth time it has taken place. TV , radio..performers, companies, charities, people of all kinds, groups of all kinds please come along

Who out there is looking, bewildered at the crazy madness being perpetrated….amongst the madness, this…countries run by bankers!! people come first for Gods sake!………countries taking electronic money from international bankers/IMF, money that doesnt actually exist and with that imaginary money whole countries being forced in to a humungous fake debt that the people are forced to pay back and experience austerity measures, job losses, pain whilst banks are bailed out and many of its employees become multi-millionaires and billionaires. The people in the austerity measures are bailing the banks out!!!!!!!! Shall we just ignore it?

People find themselves in debt, struggling to feed their families, High Street banks and credit card co’s that the people are in debt to are selling the loan and credit card debt to wealthy debt collection agencies…..(the money the banks had loaned in the first place was electronic non existent money) the banks made their profit through the payments the clients made from the real value…. their clients toil and labour, they sell the debt for a very small percentage of the actual debt balance then the person in debt is hounded by a private company looking to make profit out of struggling families…are we really supposed to think that, that is OK?

The bank who gave out the imaginary money in the first place has probably been bailed out by the person in debt and the struggling person whose life is being made a misery by a debt collection agency wanting to make 300 to 400% profit is already paying in austerity measures and taxes to keep the bank operating. We are all being taken over, its so clear, the countries are in so much debt that they will have to be handed over to those that give out the electronic money, many of you reading this already know and many wont, this is watered down but shows clearly the scam.

Well, here’s a positive, we are all part of the cosmos/the universe….obvious, the Earth is in the cosmos and we are on the Earth. we are more spirit/consciousness than we are physical lumps. Without our thoughts and feelings there would be nothing at all, so we are extremely powerful and when we understand that the unseen part of our experience, the feeling and thinking bit is what is creating what we often see as the ‘physical reality, all that there is or real life’, then ‘reality’ can be veiwed quite differently. Each one of us is constantly creating moment by moment, a car doesnt appear from nowhere, someone has to think up the design first, then gradually the finished product manifests but it is always the thought and more importantly, when we realise it, the feeling first.

In many ways our minds are fed information and we live it. There are those that wish to keep it that way I’m sure.

Our world can be no more than a reflection of our inner realities, individually and combined, so more open minds and kindness will mean a different reflection. No one, including me has any right to demand anything, we are all here on our own paths, doing what we are doing because that is where we are at, it is what we correspond to, otherwise we would be somewhere else doing something else, its simple. Maybe though these are the times when we all have our opportunity to understand a little bit more about what it means to ‘be’. Minds open and our hearts really feeling will certainly re-shape our daily existence in some way.

I want to do more than just the Bromsgrove Day of Kindness and I am working to that aim, but please whoever you are come along, contribute or just be there, there will as before be entertainment hosted by Trevor T, mass singalong, conga, singing, love, gift giving and more opportunities to open up our minds and our hearts to what might be, for some, challenging information. It is all done in a great atmosphere for everyone to feel a part of.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in previous years

It’s up to us.

Thank you everyone




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