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Terry Boardman in Birmingham on 28/02/17

The Options for Britain: Twofold Disasters, Threefold Solutions. 

– Where there is no vision, the people perish”.

1) THE PAST: Brexit is on its way, but Britain’s declaration of independence will not be complete till we have declared independence from our former colony, the USA  – our actual master. What prevents us from declaring this independence? Unless we do, we and the other European peoples too will be dragged into more East-West conflicts by the US elite and their puppets on this side of the Atlantic. Europe’s rightful destiny is to be not a solid bloc (EU), but  a diverse associative cultural bridge or mediator between the Americas and Asia.

2) THE PRESENT: Divisive binary thinking has underpinned so much of our culture and created so many seemingly unsolvable problems since at least the 18th century. But we’re now at a historical turning point. The onset was 1989 when patterns began to end  which had emerged in the late 18th century, solidified and lasted for 200 years. For nearly 30 years now we’ve been in a transition but to what, we still don’t know. We recognise today that we are in a mess; little is working. Only technology appears to be moving forward, but it’s accompanied by little moral development (think: drones, robots) and no new social thinking. Mere localism (variations on the old hippie dream) is a backward movement.

 3) THE FUTURE: The solution is to move to a  threefold social model based not on Darwinist animalism or Marxist abstractions but on common *human* experience that begins with our first 3 years of life: walk/speak/think = will/feel/think = metabolism/circulation/nerves = economy/politics/culture.

In our society today,  economy/politics/culture are all mixed up and jam one another. They need to be rightly separated so that they rightly interrelate just as the 3 physiological systems of our bodies do. This will make necessary far-reaching changes in our society.

The talk will flesh out the above three points.

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