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David Graham in Birmingham on 13/03/18

‘So What Have You Come Back For This Time?’

‘So what have you come back for this time?’  Focusses on the journey of the soul as it travels in and out of physical lives, yet will include discussion on the evidence for reincarnation along with an understanding for the purpose for these journeys. Attendees will also be invited to join in an exercise designed to offer them insight into their own personal journey.

David was born to an Irish Catholic family in Handsworth Birmingham, yet grew up to spend much of his adult life as agnostic. A spiritual awakening in 2000 changed that, yet it was 2006 when he found his real passion as a past life regression therapist.

Developing his practice ever since then, he now also serves as President of EARTh (Earth Association for Regression Therapy) the leading international association devoted to promotion of the therapy, maintaining training standards and a code of conduct. Regression therapists often enable clients to access qualities within themselves that enhances their life now, or resolve a variety of personal issues that affect them now even though the origins may have been in a past life. You can find out more here www.earth-association.org

On behalf of EARTh he has been active in a variety of projects in the field.

As interviewer and voiceover for the film ‘Why Regression Therapy?’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mSbUQPNLFE

As producer for the film ‘Discovering Regression Therapy: A Love Story’

Editor for ”Regression Therapy for Relationship Issues’ (an in-house book for professionals)

Headed research projects in the subject


He has also featured as:

An invited guest on ‘The Big Questions’ on BBC1 presented by Nicky Campbell to talk on the subject ‘Have we lived here before?’

Spoken on several radio shows on the subject.

Written a variety of articles


For information about David please visit his website:


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