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Nick Clements in Birmingham on 25/09/18


An Evening of Shamanic Storytelling

Stories from beyond the edge of our existence,

featuring ‘The Four Genders’

with Nick Clements

A unique experience, listening to stories from all over the world. The stories have been gathered by Nick Clements over the past 30 years. He has lived and worked with indigenous people from many continents, and every telling is a different mixture of tales and first hand experiences. These stories may be thousands of years old but, they show us the way forward in our relationship to nature, our wilder nature, community, rites of passage, and even gender.

As we start to question the intelligence of our present culture, we wake to the possibility of more genders than just male and female. For many thousands of years this was clearly understood and accepted in many tribal cultures. Nick describes an ancient view of human sexuality and gender. He also explores how the simple binary notion of male/female is part of a wider cultural mistake that feeds polarity and conflict. This inspiring presentation empowers us to realise a more holistic and inclusive worldview, and encourages all of us to embark on both the Hero’s and the Heroine’s Journey.

For more information, please contact:

email: nicolasclements@btinternet.com


07814 986672

Nick Clements is a very proud grandfather. For the past 30 years he has trained and lived with indigenous people from around the world. In 2008 he made a documentary film on male circumcision ritual with the Samburu, a semi-nomadic tribe in northern Kenya. He has written a trilogy of books on masculinity and rites of passage, and he writes and talks on gender for Huffington Post, Mind Body Spirit London, and many other publications, organisations, and blogs. His accumulated experience and knowledge has been put to use in developing contemporary rites of passage, relevant to today’s culture, for boys, men and all genders. His more recent work has encouraged an understanding of gender fluidity and bringing men and women together through ceremony and ritual. He lives in Stroud.

‘Nick is not just a very talented storyteller, when he talks, he becomes the story. He brings you with him, deep into the context of the metaphor or the archetype he is exploring.’

‘The man is generous, loving, inspiring and a revolutionary in every sense of the word.’

‘Every culture has an origin story or stories. In our Western culture we have two main stories: the Christian Bible story and the scientific Big Bang. Nick Clements, a raconteur, has been exploring the cultural storytelling gap between 2,000 years ago and 13.7 billion years ago for many decades and with help from many cultures…’

My advice? Be careful and think hard before you go to one of his talks or workshops. He takes no prisoners, no-one comes out of them alive. You come out reborn, and questioning everything.’

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