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Clive de Carle in Birmingham on 04/12/18

How to become a Health Anarchist and break free from the sickness industries

Anarchy means ‘without rulers’ and health anarchy means having control over your own health without being dictated to and lied to by those seeking to profit from your suffering.

Clive will be explaining the suppressed cures that can set us free from the diseases caused from corporate food and farming, big pharma and industry, wars and other such foolishness.

Having himself cured himself from an ‘incurable’ disease 30 years ago, Clive has helped thousands of people recover their health when the doctors could not help.

Subjects include: Stem cells, C60 is it the silver bullet or potentially deadly, a safe GcMaf replacement at a 350 times cheaper price, scalar wave devices and demo, reversing blindness and hearing loss, ending pain, reversing autism and way more.

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