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Michael Feeley in Birmingham on 28/01/20



Michael Feeley is a trained police investigator and now the esoteric author of several books and is a multiple paranormal experiencer.  Michael is an international conference speaker, frequent global radio contributor, magazine article writer and has featured on independent documentaries such as ‘Strawman – Nature of the cage’ and has appeared on several alternative- view TV shows.

Michael reveals the ancient mysteries of the world and has uncovered the true purpose of the monolithic structures of the ancient past, that still have scholars and alike baffled.  If you think that ancient cultures were unconnected, then think again!


Michael discusses some of his many personal experiences with such subjects as time travel and speaks about the science behind its possibility. Michael has personally travelled time and he will detail this along with some of his many close encounters and channelled messages that have answered for him why one individual became the hub of other worldly information intended for humanity.   Find out how a quiet child of humble beginnings has decoded the world’s great mysteries.

The prison that currently houses humanity can be removed with the information Michael is about to share with you…

Michael will answer many questions during this talk, the elongated skulls mystery, diatonic ratios within crop circles that contain a sonic message and how plasma balls of light seen creating some of the formations are vacuum domains of the mind, but whose mind? He also discusses the Nazca lines, and monolithic structures, crystal skulls and much much more.

Humans are not from Earth, they are from another star-system entirely, the clues of which have been left for us by the elder race of man!  That elder race has never left us…their message is written in STONE!


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