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Welcome to TruthJuice Birmingham

Truthjuice Birmingham is a fortnightly event bringing you the very best in esoteric knowledge

From a plethora of inspirational speakers.

 We are actively building a community of like minded “Freethinkers” to share ideas and resources.

The central theme of all our talks is greater financial, spiritual, mental and physical health for all our visitors.

This is not just a great opportunity to hear respected speakers who are experts in their field,

but also a great chance to interact with like minded people!!!

Don’t forget you can also collect:  The Light Paper

Quality Vegan Cafe – Plant N Plate – Kings Heath

Organic fruit and Veg  from their online store Email:

Holistic & Therapeutic Massage & Scanar  Therapy by Shon
For further information or to book an appointment Tel: 07977 547357

Also available: Organic Herbs, organic coconut oil, organic superfoods, hand made crystal jewellery and other amazing items

Raw Milk, Free Range Eggs and Grass Fed British Home Reared Meats from Straight from the Cow Email: (not available on the night)

Held on alternate Tuesday evenings, starts 8pm (doors open 7pm)

E57 Social Club

699 Alcester Road South

Kings Heath


B14 5EY

Large car park



No. 50 bus stops outside

 (Warstock, Warstock Road stop)

Our youtube channel contains recent videos of  previous talks.

(Youtube Channel Click Here)

if you wish to get a feel for what we are about,

or you can join our  Facebook Group 

(Truth Juice Birmingham).

If  you have any ideas for speakers or would like further information please email  Claire and Andy at

We would like to give special thanks to Sukh for all his hard work – Filming, editing and uploading all the recent talks to Youtube

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Stephen Denman in Birmingham on 04/06/24

The civilisation of Hyperborea has always been seen as a narrative from Greek Mythology. However, there are numerous stories from Sami Folklore or Laplander Folklore and Turkic Folklore, that confirms the fact that Hyperborea did indeed exist in the Arctic North Polar Region and Northern Russia. Even though Western Science does not acknowledge that Hyperborea …

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Cassie and Rich in Birmingham on 18/06/24

Emf protection and water purification pioneers at Oraphim are world renowned Artists, they produce uniquely stunning pendants and pyramids and so much more. Visit them to learn the secrets behind this curious quantum carbon and experience it’s activation. They provide practical, personal, powerful and proven, top-tips & life changing testimonials to guide, inspire and support your journey through changing times, …

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