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Darren Deojee in Birmingham | West Midlands on 28/02/12

Heal-thy Relationships

Do you want to understand, save, heal, fix, fathom, improve, grasp or otherwise get a better handle on your relationships, and improve your communication skills to boot? Not just with partners, but with kids, colleagues and friends. Then come.

Relationships, family and community have suffered an ever-increasing failure/breakdown rate.  In recent months this appears to have increased with these closely-related elements suffering great new challenges.

In response to this, Darren Deojee will deliver a challenging, insightful and provocative presentation on what he considers to be the most misunderstood and neglected aspect of human interaction & development: gender energy, its effects and its purpose.

You don’t ‘be the self’, you be-come it…

 This event is suitable for adults only. 

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