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Daniel Thompson-Mills in Birmingham on 21/11/23

BioTerrain Medicine & the Nature of Illness

with Daniel Thompson-Mills

Rather than the body being constantly under attack and defending itself from pathogenic microbes, our body is a garden. Health is maintained and restored by nourishing the terrain of the body, like a gardener tends his soil.

In this presentation with slides, Daniel will explain that:
• pathogenic viruses don’t exist;
• bacteria, fungi and even parasites are the body’s internal helpers;
• there are four causes of illnesses;
• what we call illness is actually the body’s healing response, given one or more of the above causes;
• although there’s no viral contagion, there is contagion as we are intimately connected as human beings;
• the categories we call disease don’t exist;
• our beliefs and emotional states affect our biology;
• the ‘Immune System’ is better described as the ‘Regenerative System’;
• out of consciousness comes matter, not the other way around;
• the new science is all about how to assess quality.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy,
frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Daniel has a law degree and has been a campaigner and activist since the 1980’s. He spent several years with the McLibel Campaign, supporting two people being sued for libel by McDonald’s and campaigning on health, environmental, social justice, and animal issues. He’s been very interested in how the human body works and natural healing since the 1990’s. Daniel spent 18 years living in a low impact, permaculture community in a woodland and has facilitated people’s connection to nature for many years. Last but not least, he’s an anarchist (in the true sense), independent researcher and self-published author.


Dandelion Speaks


DANIEL’S BOOKS will be on sale at the event.

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